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Disinfectant Filling Machine

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Disinfectant Filling Machines

Nowadays, the use of disinfectant has increased considerably. Due to pandemic conditions, we now carry disinfectant with us everywhere when we go out, or we encounter disinfectants hanging on the wall wherever we go. This being the case, companies that produce disinfectants and fill them into bottles now need an advanced, fast and low-cost disinfectant filling machine. At this point, we step in as Line Makina and produce disinfectant filling machines for bottling hand disinfectant and alcohol-based hygienic disinfectant products. With our disinfectant filling machines, you can fill any type of disinfectant (gel, liquid) into any type of bottle you want.

Disinfectant Filling, Closing and Labeling

As we mentioned above, we produce disinfectant filling machines equipped with the latest technologies for businesses that already produce disinfectant, want to expand their production and increase their production speed. With our disinfectant filling machines, you can fill any type of disinfectant hygienic content, the details of which you have learned from us, into the bottle types you want. If you wish, labeling can also be provided for the disinfectant filling machine after the filling and closing processes. In this way, you can customize your disinfectant filling machine as you wish and have access to exactly the machine you want.

What Kind of Bottles Can Be Filled with Disinfectant?

Since the use of disinfectant is in every aspect of our lives, people need disinfectant in bottles of various sizes. It is necessary to fill various types of bottles with disinfectant for situations such as carrying them in your pockets, putting them in your car, or placing them at the entrance of businesses. With the disinfectant filling machines we produce as Line Makina, you can fill the bottles you want with disinfectant. If you wish, you can fill canisters or small bottles with any type of disinfectant you wish. Of course, you must inform us of these details before ordering the machine. The machine will be customized specifically for your requests and delivered to you.

Disinfectant Filling Machine Prices

If we are asked to give a price for disinfectant filling machines, we would first like to inform you that we cannot give you a clear figure on this matter and cannot inform you about the price. As we mentioned above, prices vary because our machines are highly customizable and each customization has a cost. As a result, you can contact us through our contact information below, specify exactly what kind of disinfectant filling machine you need, and get a price.

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