Pet Bottle Filling Machines

Pet Bottle Filling Machines

Pet Bottle Filling Machine

Provides precision and synchronization between servo drives and filling volume and filling nozzle mechanism to maximize filling rates.
Servo drives also have the advantage of being able to store settings in a memory, allowing you to recall 100% repeatable settings and make product changes faster and cleaner than ever before

Main Advantage :

  • In-Line format eliminates the need service maintenance and replacement parts are less cost.
  • Easy and ergonomically designed for fast switching between products and cleaning.
  • Touch -Screen product filling weight adjustment from the screen.
  • Item quantity tracking on P.L.C. screen.
    Fully adjustable filling unit for bottom-up filling.
  • Conveyor system suitable for a wide variety of bottle and jar shapes.
  • Does not require highly trained operators.
  • Simple to use and maintain.

(Pet Bottle Filling Machine) PRODUCTS THAT CAN BE FILLED:
• Olive Oil – Sunflower Oil – Fruit Juices – Lemonade – Turnip – Tomato Paste – Pomegranate Syrup – Boza – Sauce – Ayran – Yogurt – Jam – Honey – Marmalade – Rose Water – Paint – Solvent – Motor Oils – Pesticides – Liquid Soap – Detergent – Gel – Surface Cleaner – Soft Soap – Shampoo – Lotion – Cream – Jelly – Liquid Fertilizers .

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