About Us

About Us

Line Makina has been established with the gathering of people who have had experience in the filling and packaging sector for 25 years, is a technological and software customer-oriented developer and manufacturer of bottle filling capping, labeling lines and ready-made bowl filling capping machines.

We cover all sectors from food to chemicals, cosmetics to construction, pharmaceuticals to technology.

Small, medium or large industry, the importance and value of a project for our Company are exactly the same, without any discrimination.

" We help our customers improve their business with our experience. Continuous investments in education and the experience of our technical and application engineering team to support our customers make us accepted as a reference player in the food and non-food packaging market today."

Thanks to the skills gained over time and the passion of our resources, we specialize in the execution and management of each stage. Packaging and filling machines suitable for your needs, from the design of your product’s packaging to the fully controlled and monitored production. The many experiences we have gained over the years enable us to provide the most efficient and effective solution for specific customer demands. .

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