Ayran Dolum Makinası

ayran dolum makinası

Ayran Filling Machines

With ayran filling machines, you can easily fill any type of bottles you want. Contact us now for the yoghurt drink filling machine designed specifically for the desired type of beverage and the desired type of bottles to be filled!

Ayran Filling and Sealing Machine

Thanks to ayran filling machines, you can perform bottling, filling and capping operations for any type of bottle you want, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles and plastic cups. Before filling the product, the Yoghurt Drink filling machine washes, shakes and disinfects the bottle to be filled, then makes it ready for filling and starts the serial filling process. In this way, you can fill your buttermilk and prepare your products in accordance with the standards of the food industry.

Of course, the steps listed above are added to the machine specifically for your request. Features such as washing and shaking feature and labeling feature can be added optionally.

Glass Bottle Yoghurt Drink Filling Machine

Thanks to the fully automatic buttermilk filling machine, you can easily fill buttermilk into glass bottles, pet bottles or plastic cups without any intervention. You can directly contact Line Makina as the machine manufacturer and submit your requests for buttermilk filling machines, which make the ayran filling process easier for buttermilk producers and save a lot of time and labor. We can produce machines that you can use for years with affordable prices and quality materials.

Ayran Filling Machine Prices

You can contact us as Line Makina for buttermilk filling machines and let us help you in detail by stating your demands and exactly what kind of buttermilk filling machine you need. As for buttermilk filling machine prices, it would not be right for us to inform you about this issue on this page. Because; We do not know exactly what type of buttermilk filling machine the company requesting the machine needs, and we need to know what additional options it will request. For this reason, we cannot give an exact price. For detailed information, you can contact us at the contact addresses below.

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